Park Columbia Apatments Testimonials

Kind Words About Park Columbia in Hemet

Hemet's best kept secret!

When forced to look for a place to live recently I went where everyone else does – the newspaper classifieds, etc. On a Monday Holiday morning, I dialed the Park Columbia number. The phone was answered immediately by Tara, who, although out of town and heading home, said she could show me an apartment as soon as she returned. Before meeting Tara I was impressed by the beauty and quietness of Park Columbia. This was after all, a Holiday weekend with lots of family and friends visiting. The pool (that allows guests) was full and alive with the sounds of children splashing, laughing, and having a great time. The smell of hot dogs, hamburgers, and ribs from the BBQs permeated the air. I thought, "Wow. What a nice place." Roses were in full bloom in the courtyard area and though the place was full of people, I did not hear loud music anywhere or see people hanging out. Tara showed me a studio which we agreed would be perfect for me. I put a deposit down and we agreed to a move-in date that worked for me. I absolutely love it here.

What impresses me most is how I have been treated and made to feel welcome by Nick and Tara. I feel safe. Everyone who lives here actually has a job. It is extremely quiet. It feels like home, or as close to home as you remember. My neighbors are wonderful good people. I trust them. You couldn't live anywhere else in town as lovely as this for the money, and anything I have needed repaired or addressed as been immediately taken care of.

I would recommend this place to anyone. I have no problems having friends and family over. We sit on my patio and yak it up enjoying the comings and goings of everyone who lives here. We are a diverse group of all ages and different walks of life. That's what makes this place unique. Kudos to Nick and Tara and all the other hard working people employed here who help keep us safe, make us feel at home, and bend over backwards to see that we are taken care of. Thank you Nick and Tara!


Treated like family.

Several years ago my daughter was looking for a place to live and came across Park Columbia... within minutes of speaking with the apt. managers I knew this is where I wanted my daughter and young granddaughter to live. I felt she would be very safe in this gated apt. building and that the managers would keep an eye her... not only did they keep an eye on her, they were so good to her. Nick and Tara are so good to all their tennants... they treat them like family. They have great personalities, are fun, always have a smile and are very attentive to any problems that arise. They are on call 24/7 for emergencies and repair any problems that happen immediately. Even though my daughter no longer lives there, they are a huge part of her and her childrens lives and mine. They are very caring, amazing people and we are blessed that our paths crossed. I would highly recommend anyone who is looking for an apt. in the Hemet area this is the Apt. complex to go to.


Affordable with first-rate management.

I have lived here for 6 1/2 years and I am still here because I find it to be not only affordable; but, the Management is top notch and the Maintenence is first rate. These folks work hard to make this place a good place to live. All anyone here needs to do is live by the rules and behave like decent folks and they will experience what I have. I consider the Soto's as friends and the Maintenence crew as well. This place has some age on it; however, not many problems here. We are a gated community. And this property has security cameras all over the place. If you have any problems at all, just go to the Manager and she will make sure you are taken care of right away. This place is clean and neat. Come see for yourself! Thanks Tara, Nick, Romeo, and Jaime!


Safe and friendly.

I lived here for almost 8 years and this place is one of the best places in town to live. The complex is beautiful, clean and the grounds are well kept. The pools and jacuzzi's are always clean and open year around (you don't really find that anywhere). They aren't ghetto!!! You don't see people hanging out everywhere. I always felt safe and it was nice that it's close to schools and shopping. The staff is super friendly and I always enjoyed seeing them and talking to them. It was nice that when something went wrong they wouldn't hesitate to fix it. I would recommend this place to anyone looking for a great, safe place to live. I even had several family members and friends rent here.


A great place to live.

I moved here in 2010 and I am still a current renter my expernice here has been excellent the Manger and Staff are great. The grounds are always kept clean,lighting is great for parking and know matter when I had an issue with anything the willingness to get right on it has been one of the many quality that I am still here. Thanks Tara and Nick and staff for all the hard work you put into making this a great place to live and for me to recommend to others.


Third time's still a charm.

I have lived here three times during this time period (2001 - Present(2012)). We are just finishing our fourth year this time. My son is a special needs adult and stays home while I work in San Diego. There have been few times that he has needed assistance for the apartment and the Management and Staff were very quick and helpful. There have been occasions where emergency medical response was needed when my son had gran mal seizures and the Park Columbia team were here to oversee our situation while emergency response arrived. I have gotten to know the Management and Staff here at Park Columbia very well over the years/times that I have been here. During these times I have come to know them as individuals of integrity, the work that they do is not just a job-it is a stewardship, and they have raised good respectful children. I appreciate these wonderful people for the safe harbor that they provide to my Son and I, and if they were to leave in mass, so would we. On a sad note, we are probably going move closer to my work and I wish that we could somehow afford to take them and their wonderful families with us.


It was a decent place to live.

The maintainence crew at Park Columbia is great and very helpful; they were more than happy to make all necessary repairs. The problem we had with our disposal was fixed the very next day. The apartment complex is very well kept and very quiet. The manager is very nice and so is the assistant manager who is there on weekends. I've never seen any drug dealing going on, the complex has a patrol company that works nights. There's never been any problems here. No drinks are allowed in the pool area and they're very strict about that. If you want a really nice place to live that's affordable, I'd recommend Park Columbia.


Give it a shot.

The apartments are beautifully maintained, and maintenance is quick, friendly, and efficient. I've never had critter problems, or seen any crime here or about. If you'd like a nice, quiet, clean place to live, with friendly management, at a very affordable price, this is well worth a look (there's usually a waiting list) – this might be a place for you.


Recently left.

I left Park Columbia recently to moved closer to work. I loved my apartment. what I really love is that the parking lot is well lit up, the place is always quiet and I never have problems with anyone.I love the staff, whenever I needed something fixed, someone was always available. The apartment is affordable, clean and I would recommend this place.


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